Paper Flooring

I have been obsessed with Pintrest and all the neat ideas I can find there. One of those ideas turned into a big project that I have gotten many complements on. Our basement floor was just ugly concrete when we moved into our home. I really wanted to have a nice floor but our funds were limited. I researched many different ideas and the one that stood out to me was Paper flooring. I read many posts and looked at many internet sites to come up with what I thought was the best procedure to achieve a good looking paper floor. Our basement floor is large and not smooth so it took quite a bit of time.

First we cleaned the floor real well then we filled cracks with concrete crack filler. This is when we found out that things needed extra drying time due to the coolness of the basement. I got my family to help me rip and wrinkle up the paper while watching TV. (The brown paper we used can be found at Home Depot or Wal-Mart in the paint section for under $12 a roll). For our basement we used 1.5 rolls of paper. A lot of ripping and wrinkling later, I mixed Elmers glue and Water 50/50, grabbed a large paint brush and headed for far corner of the basement. Installation consisted of flattening out the paper and placing the glue mixture on the floor and the paper (both sides) using the paintbrush to smooth out the paper until flat and completely wet. Over lapping each piece and using straight edges for wall sections only. This took several nights for me to do because of the large size of the basement and family life stuff happening. (We had to prevent the cats from going into the basement during this process as well) I was able to start and stop with ease and it took about 2 days to dry and we used fans.

After the paper and glue was dry we top coated it with polyurethane 4 times and then we had our daughters first birthday party. We are to put a few more coats down in the near future for extra protection. So far the floor has held up great and it gets medium traffic from people and heavy traffic from cats. The floor is not perfectly smooth but I think that adds to the uniqueness of the floor.
For this project be prepared for spending a lot of time on the floor and extra drying time then stated most places. Project done 7/2014.


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